Friday, March 22, 2013

How to look like a "stud"

Recently, I've noticed a lot of girls walking down the hallways in college apparel. Normally, you only see t-shirts or hoodies with the college logo on them with the school color. Now in stores you can buy t-shirts, jackets, and hoodies that are studded or covered in sequins that spice up the way the college apparel looks. Not only that, but they can be sparkly and a lot diferent than what you would find at a college store or somewhere like Champs. In fact, you probably won't find shirts like these on campus.

You can find shirts, hoodies, and other college apparel at stores like Victoria Secrets and American Eagle. They are very popular at Victoria Secrets, and you can get apparel for many sports team and colleges. They sell other apparel such as hats as well. I myself have Steeler gear and Pitt gear from Victoria Secrets and always get compliments on them! So, if you are looking to buy cute college apparel- keep in mind the cute clothes you can buy at Victoria Secrets and American Eagle!

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