Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pinterest talks about social media

After looking through Pinterest and the different pictures about social media, there's much more going on than I thought. I found pins that explained who uses social media, what social media sites are the most popular, and even how where people live affects what social media networks they use. Most adults think social media has taken over and think it's bad for kids, but it's surprising to see how many adults and companies use social media. Companies now know that if they make a twitter or Facebook page, they will get followers and gain customers. 80% of companies use social media to find out who their competitors are. Social media isn't going to go away in the future, it's only going to get more popular. One big trend I found was jokes about how often twitter is used and how many tweets people make during one day.
One many advantage of social media is the communication that can get across that couldn't be done in person. You can find out so much information over social media. A disadvantage though is that social media can get people into a lot of trouble if they post the wrong thing, because so many people can see it. I think the benefits of social media in a classroom is that you can communicate so much better with people you don't know even outside of a classroom. The future of social media for students in high school and college is only going to spread wider throughout schools. Personally, I've seen people for the first time in my life but already knew their name because of social media, so obviously it's getting more popular than some would think. I think it's a good thing for meeting people, especially in college.

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