Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Random thoughts about my long road trip

Monday after school, me and my mom set off for a seven and a half our drive to Louisville, Kentucky. I was going to visit the University of Louisville for the first time. I've never been there so I was really excited. My mom got sick half way there, so i had to drive 200 miles on the same road, which was not the funnest thing to do. After 4 hours of driving, we decided to stop at a hotel to rest. My mom and I were really scared because we didn't know the area and don't really like hotels, but we made it through the night!
We woke up at six the next morning to finish our trip. We ended up in traffic for quite a while, so we ended up being around twenty minutes late for the tour, but we didn't miss much. The campus was really nice and everyone I talked to from there seemed to really love it. The building were really old looking, but not actually old. The campus was really big which is what I also really liked about it. I really enjoyed the trip and the school, although it is extremely far away from home. We traveled through Wheeling and Cincinatti the most which was also really cool to see different parts of the area that I've never seen before. The rest of the way home I mostly slept.


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  1. Sarah - Think about changing the title of your blog to include the idea that these are random thoughts. Try to expand a bit by providing details and writing like you are telling a story. I'm glad you are adding pictures.